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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  December 19, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EST

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>> there photo sparked a fire storm. now philadelphia paramedics is an apologizing, coming up, live righter on what he and his boss are saying about this controversial picture. good morning, everyone, it is friday, the 19th of december, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erica von tiehl. "joy of sharing" toy drop off underway right now. here is a live look, big truck wait to go get fill up 1555 hamilton street in philadelphia. we want to load it with present for our very deserving chin in our area. please, pick up new unwrapped toy, drive on by, say hello and drop it off. come to our studios, we'll have much more for you on the "joy of "joy of sharing" campagne coming up throughout our morning. rye now, traffic and weather together. no excuses, right? >> for roads or the weather have slutly, yes.
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looking good on my end for sure. that's definitely the case for us right through the weekends, in fact, as we've got some quiet weather unfolding right now. generally, just stuck in a little bit of cloud cover out there. dow think you'll see at least some sunshine, but it may be somewhat limited. we take you out, there show you the view first and for most, storm scan three which again doesn't have anything to detect on the radar at this hour. you can tell shroud of clouds, casino of like what we saw yesterday, start with clouds, maybe eventually yield for sunshine, mixed bag clouds cover, but everyone stays dry, 37 at the airport, into the mid 30's around the rest of the region as a whole. dow expect you are again going to see at least some sun today. we call it sort of the split difference of sun and clouds, partly sunny, however you want to say that, that's generally the gist here. and it does appear as though we will keep it dry through the weekend for that matter since storm that will be rolling through the carolinas, stays well off to our south. problem is, that's not just necessarily how it stays. into next week, we will be tracking the development of a large storm it, will have the
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details on how tim pact our area, coming up as the show progresses. vittoria? >> thank you so much, katie. good morning, everyone, if you are traveling right now, through the coatesville, south coatesville, we do have very serious accident that we're taking a look at now with live chopper three. over the scene after fatal crash, at the intersection of modena road at union street. i'll step out so you can get a better idea what the accident, severity of the incident. because fatal accident, you now have police investigation. if you are traveling in this area, of chester county, we provide ago alternate for you, and that's to take woodward street, but what you are watching now live chopper three over the scene every fatal crash, in south coatesville. at the intersection of modena road at union street. we'll continue to keep you updated on this incident, if you are traveling, throughout the rush hour, we do have delays on 95, the schuylkill expressway, and definitely traveling on the vine expressway approaching the area at 76 using the westbound side. but again we'll continue to keep you updated on the incident in south coat ville, woodward being your best
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alternate. erika? >> vet tore crashes thank you. vet tore with a just just telling us, chopper three live over the breaking news back in chester county, she mentioned one person is dead after a single car crash on modena road in coatesville. talking the car ended up in the middle of the road, so, as she mentioned, modena road closed between union street and overhill road. we are also told police officers out on patrol happened to fine the car there. trying to figure out what cause that crash. a philadelphia fire department paramedic apologizes for photo posted to his personal instagram page. >> now the picture is critical of police, sparking outrage, among first responders who work side by side with officers every day. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now outside the fire administration building, with that story. jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, ukee, good morning. what's clear this morning, is that the fire commissioner here believes this instagram post crossed the line, what's unclear is whether the paramedic who posted it will be disciplined. he has, however, taken down the photo, and is now
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apologizing for his actions. he says he didn't mean to hurt his brothers in blue. but it is a social media post angering many in the philadelphia police department. this picture, posted to a paramedic instagram account, shows a white man posing as a police officer, while two black men point guns at him. the post then reads: real end in i need to stop pointing guns at each other and at the ones that's legally killing innocence. thursday night, fire commissioner, derrick sawyer, said he personally apologized to police commissioner charles ramsey and to the head of the fraternal order of police john mcnesby. >> and i think that we have a great working relationship, and we want to keep that. and a lot of our members have family members police officers, also. so it wasn't -- it was in poor taste. >> that disappointment carried over to city hall, mayor michael nutter issuing this statement, reading in part: in the strongest possible terms, i comdemn the behavior after paramedic in the philadelphia fire department
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who used social media to post reprehensible photo and message that targeted police officers, particularly, at a time of emotional volatile at this and citizen protest, in our nation in the wake of tragedies, in ferguson, new york city. now the post dollars photo is actually a still picture, take friend a music video, called hands-up, by two brooklyn rappers, voicing frustration over the recent deaths of michael brown and eric garner. the paramedic who posted it works at medic 23, in west philadelphia, which just so happens to share a building with a 19th police district. he has since apologized. meantime the head of the firefighters and paramedics union is also supporting police, joe schull i write not only do we work together in the streets but i count many officers as good friends as well as family. >> again, no word on any disciplinary action, this morning, and this paramedic has apologized on his facebook page, saying, he apologizes if anyone was offended. he said he made this post in anger about what is happening in the world.
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>> jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> jan, thank you. two men struggling right here in this video, they are robbery suspect in off duty runnemede police sergeant police say the suspect was trying to make his get away after robbing this cvs on pharmacy on $11,000 worth of pills, that's what they were trying to take. little did he know sergeant dan murray and son were shopping inside that store on north black horse pike at the same time. >> not thinking about him stealing. thinking about him trying to harm my dad. to be honest, i'm glad i stopped him from stealing, but the main thing for me to try to help my dad. >> we are always working, always keeping our eyes open. when we have to get involved we will. >> another customer hemmed take down the suspect. now 27 year old matthew donohoe faces multiple charges, including robbery, and aggravated assault. and developing right now, a family tragedy in northern australia. eight children are found dead
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inside a home in the coastal city of karen. their mother was rush to the hospital with stab wounds to her chest. police say seven of the children were siblings, between 18 months and 15 years every age. believed to be relative. comes as australians still reeling from the shock after deadly hostage crisis, that happened earlier this week. >> and investigation is underway, at bucks county school, after police say they've uncovered a video showing several students engage in the sex act. told members, members of the faculty found the video after some student were circulating it around the school. >> i think it is discusting. >> my daughter 12, so tough conversation to have with anything, what they are going through. >> some of the cell phones have been confiscated as part of the investigation, at this point, no criminal charges have been filed, and it is unclear if any student have
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been disciplined by the school. >> it has been more than three weeks since college student shane montgomery disappeared in manayunk. now, his family ' raising money to increase the six a thousand dollars reward for information. no one has seen montgomery since early thanksgiving morning, when he went drinking with friends. tomorrow morning there is a fundraising run for shane. runners will meet at 9:00 outside gold's fitness main street manayunk. it is free to run, but donations are encouraged. >> with the controversial film the interview now scrapped, federal officials are weighing their response to sony's devastating cyber attack. susan macinnis reports, while the government is not publicly blaming north korea, a they are sifting through mounting evidence. >> companies around the world now on high alert, after a crippling cyber attack against sony. federal investigators are said to have traced the attack to north korea's government and leader kim jong un, but the white house has yet to officially assign blame.
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>> a prepare re at response, something being carefully considered. >> cbs sources say the hackers directed by north korea's cyber unit used aggressive data wiping malware to steel sony's corporate secrets, then erase the company's computer files. then escalated their threats, leaning sony to scrap its releasement hollywood celebrities took to twitter. jimmy kel he will tweeted un-american act of could you ever cowardice. many lawmakers on capitol hill outraged saying it sets a dangerous precedent for future attacks. >> imagine the capability they have to disrupt other aspect of american life? >> some have come to sony's defense. >> if there actually were any violence, the liability for sony and for the exhibitor, for the theater owner, would have been ' norm us. >> it is not clear what options the us has to respond, north korea already under heavy sanctions over its nuclear programs. even if suspect are
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identified, they are well beyond the reach of the us government. susan macinnis, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> funny man is steve correll feeling the effect. sony recent hack attack. industry website deadline reports that the philadelphia many studio new regency pulled the plug on his upcoming north korea set thriller. the film titled peenge yank, supposed to begin production next march. 7:10 right nowment and frightening scene coming up next on the "cw philly". a truck plows right into a convenience store. but this was just one part of the drivers wild crime spree. also ahead, some serious misspellings on a new jersey elementary school sign. they may have caused a principal her position. we'll hear from parents coming up. ♪
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>> beautiful site downstairs, checking toys for the "joy of sharing". we need your help. stop by our studio and hamilton street. you have until 8:00 tonight to drop off a giftment and make the holidays happier for some deserving children. ukee just grabbed his coat, headed downstairs, talk more about our "joy of sharing" coming up art break. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> "joy of sharing" campaign wraps up today. checking toys throughout the holiday season, but not too late to join us, you have 13 hours still to come on by. uke knee our parking lot with details on how you can make the holidays little brighterment looking pretty comfortable there with that football, ukee. >> oh, yes, feels good. all of the toys are coming by, sports equipment, the dolls,
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the trucks, this is what it is all about. sharing the love for those who really need some help this time of year. and bring some smiles to their faces. as you said, erika, trying to fill up this truck. trying to get it done. we will de this. good hands! >> this is ed from price water house. you got some special things for us. you did some raising, some toy gathering, at work, tell us about it. >> so saturday night, we had 2,000 employees over at the franklin institute, and we each brought a toy with us. we collected over 1800 toys. >> i'm sure there were smiles on everyone's faces knowing what these toys would help accomplish. >> fantastic, everyone walking in, seeing huge pile of toys, knowing they were going for good cause, fantastic. >> beautiful thing, man. love the tie, my man. >> thank you, my diversity tie. >> can i borough that next season?
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>> you may have it. >> thank you. i you want to put some toys on the truck? let's hands that up. this is what it is all about, family, we need your help. stop on by 1555 hamilton street. we have a loft toys. we want to put on this truck, and load it up. we'll be here until 8:00 p.m. tonight. many of my colleagues, here, at cbs-3 will be out here, we'll have a loft special gifts, but once again, the bottom line is helping children and families in need this holiday season, good friend at the salvation army doing fabulous work, hemmed bring the truck over. we'll take this truck to those who need it most. starting to get, there we started at 6:00 this morning, and once again, going to 8:00 p.m. tonight. a lot of hearts, few smiles, few tears. we need your help. thank you so much, once again, "joy of sharing" campaign underway right now, right now
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to up katie. such a great campaign, so proud to do. that will looks as though the wet letter cooperate for us, too. looking at storm scan3, nice wide zoom for you here, the combination of new storm system already underway here, down across the deep south, louisianna, texas, getting swamped with rain right now. but this will be a system that completely bypasses us to the south. in the moisture coming on shore here across the packed northwest, will eventually be one piece after much larger puzzle, as we look ahead to the week of christmas. >> impact generally looking to be rain and wind, rain as early as the second half of monday, through tuesday, warmfront lift through, we are seeing temperatures, we expect them, to climb nicely into the low 50's, so, when the actual system rolls through, with its worse, it probably comes through as just rain, as long as we warm up enough there is will not unfortunately be a
7:17 am
white christmas we think. >> gun have flight plans, pittsburgh, out west, pay attention, i have a feeling we'll see pretty significant delays out of this storm system, for so many people that are traveling. outside we go, live neighborhood network, stuck in a shroud of cloud cover here up at pleasant valley, middle and high schools up there, broad heads ville, and temperatures chilly. it is a dry weekends, next week we have your/on it, but for now smooth sailing. >> doing holiday shopping maybe? >> count me in. >> good morning, you know, traffic wise, i would say, right now definitely not in the clear. because we have rush hour, sprinkled all over the place, and we also have very serious accident we're dealing with in the coatesville, south
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coatesville section of chester county. so what you are watching now, live chopper three, over the scene of a fatal crash unfortunately. seek compromising the roadway, closing what's the intersection of modena road at union street. as you will notice, emergency teams are on scene, and because it was a fatal accident, investigation ongoing, if you are traveling this area, modena, south coat ville township, you will want to use alternate. best alternate to use right now, would be to use woodward. so as we head to the maps, you will notice, that woodward would be your best alternate. definitely want to be good idea, would be good idea, to use that, or at least try to avoid that area if you k now, we also have something else to mention, 30 bypass eastbound, as you approach the area of 322, do have accident, compromising the left hand lane, only one lane of traffic getting by which is reaking havoc onto rush hour in the
7:19 am
area. judge speed censors down into the teens, traveling on 95, southbound, jammed averaging 31 miles per hour, turnpike, also delays maneuver around the willow grove area. speaking of not too far away, easton road closed at park avenue. because of water main break. york road is your best bet. >> thank you, vet tore y wild scene in iowa, pick-up truck plows through the front of convenience store. police say that this man, this was no accident. arrested the driver after short chase, also, he set his house on fire before going for that wild ride. >> whoop a -- we will ' be right back. first what's coming upton on the "cw philly".
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imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. >> this sign may have caused a school principal to lose her job. >> vanessa has that story. >> reporter: promptly positioned over the entryway at patterson new jersey public school number 20. >> but it took more than a week for anyone to take notice, and fix the glaring mistakes on the school sign. look closely. this is a picture of it. there is not one, but two misspelled words. and the number one is backward. >> i think that that's really disrespectful. >> how are you going to teach the kids when you can't even spell the simple month december? it took somebody to put it on facebook for somebody to actually bring it to the
7:24 am
attention. >> that someone, cory teeing, is a parent and member of the patterson board of education. at first, he thought there is picture was a fake. >> i didn't believe it was the real sign. i thought it was photo shopped oring. >> when he found out it was the real deal, he says, he was angry. >> we can't assume because this is an urban district, in a inner city, that things like this could just be, you know, swept over. >> his goal make sure no sign posted on patterson school looks like this, again. but, perhaps, there was more fall-out than intended. the principal, antoinette young, was reassign. the district wouldn't confirm the misspellings were the reason, but still, parent linda martinez, says the principal shouldn't take the fall for someone else's misspellings. >> they don't talk about all of the good thinks he is' done with the kids, and we're sad to see her. >> here's hoping who ever comes here next gives this sign the once-over at least once a day. >> from patterson, new jersey, vanessa murdoch, cbs2 news. >> how about that?
7:25 am
>> how it doesn't get noticed, teachers walking in, you glance up walking in. >> exactly. >> won't happen again. that's for surement back in a moment, first another live look from our parking lot outside the cbs-3 and "cw philly" studios, where our "joy of sharing" campaign is underway. getting a lot of sports equipment, some dolls, some toils, some trucks, please, come don't nature a toy. we're her until 8:00 p.m. tonight. we'll take short break and be right back. >> ♪
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>> good morning, aim ukee washington, it is time for that friday forecast with fehlinger. >> oh, at least i can offer pretty quiet weather news initially, but this will be one of the half and half type forecasts where eventually things starting to downhill. of course big holiday coming up in under a week. so let's take you there, storm scan3, empty, essentially, you have got a veil of cloud cover for sure out there. but we don't have any wet weather in the forecast today, tomorrow, sunday, so all of those final holiday err around that you have on the to do list here can get off here without any casino of issues. you're not going to need the umbrella middle township high school with clouds, find them around here through the course of the weaken, but do stay dry, showers make their arrival as early as monday afternoon and heaviest rain comes on christmas eve.
7:27 am
vittoria? >> thank you so much, katie. good morning, everyone, unfortunately rush hour, and we have an accident on top of rush hour. >> right, blocking left-hand lane, really just reaking half okay on already volume, volume as well on 95, 12 your average there, 25 on the schuylkill. good news no delays for mass transit. ukee? >> vet tore crashes thank youment next update at 7:55, up next on cbs this morning, hidden deals on airline ticket. live look outside the cbs-3 and cw studio. "joy of sharing" gift drop off is underway. just drop off a gift, unopened, unwrapped, to our stududios, we're at 16th and hamilton, here i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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social media squad del there is photo, creates controversy, across the city. >> good morning, everyone, outside the fire administration building with more on this story, morning.
7:30 am
>> this philadelphia par med hick take then photo down off his personal instagram page, now apologizing for his actions, saying he made this post, out of anger, about what is happening in the world, he apologizes if it offended anyone, and did he not mean to hurt his brothers in blue. but if you take a look at the at the picture there is was the photo post today his instagram page. pictures shows while man posing as police officer while two black men point guns at him. the post then reads: our real enemy. need to stop pointing guns at each other, and at the ones legally killing innocence. the still picture posted was actually take friend a music video, called hands-up. which voices frustration, over the recent deaths of michael brown and eric garner. now the post has upset many, within the philadelphia police department, the paramedic who made the post works at medic 23, in west philadelphia, which just so happens to share a building with the 19th police district. thursday night, fire commissioner, derrick soar
7:31 am
sawyer, said he personally apologized, and the head of fraternal orders of police john mcnesby. >> i think that we have a great working relationship with the police in our city, and i think we want to keep that, and a lot of members have family members, that are police officers, also. so, it wasn't -- it was in poor taste. >> now mayor michael nutter also comdemn the post, and issued a statement that reads in part: in the strongest possible terms, i comdemn the behavior of paramedic in the philadelphia police -- philadelphia fire department, rather, who used social media to post a reprehensible message and photo that targeted police officers particularly at time of emotional volatile at this and citizen protests in our nation in the wake of tragedies in ferguson and new york city. now the head of the firefighters and paramedics union is also backing up police issuing a statement in support of police officers, in the meantime, no word if this paramedic will be discipline. reporting live in spring
7:32 am
garden, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news", on the "cw philly". >> all right, january, thank you. coming up on 7:33, you better bundle up today, right, katie? >> absolutely, better watch out, santa claus coming to town, too, looks as though he may be coming to town with large storm on his heals, too. looking ahead to next week, with the here and now, definitely very, very quiet. we will keep it that way through the final weaken before christmas. i can't get over how quickly this month has gone. let's go on outside. that's neither here nor there. storm scan3, cloud cover at this hour. expect to go eventually see some sunshine across the board, but here's the thing, everyone stays dry. regardless of what you see overhead, it is still going to be quiet day weather wise, 30 degrees what tells fining like at the airport, modest enough breeze knocking hands full of degrees off for feels like values. keep it in mind. those are the values you want to be dressing for walking out the door. specking a mix generally some sun, some clouds, temperatures that stay just smidge below their average here. we expect to see some sun as the day goes on, temperatures will top off in the 40's, speaking of christmas, the
7:33 am
odds of us seeing white christmas, kind of low generally speaking, and i got to tell you, we are looking ahead to the possibility of a large storm system, to affect our area, for christmas eve, but the thing is, it may not be a snow producer for us. we will have much more though on what we're specking as of now for the long-term forecast, especially because vittoria, a lot of people traveling next week. absolutely, and i think, too, for next week, doing your traveling, and all that, you do have something to be thankful for. you know what i mean? even though probably stuck in a lot of rush hour traffic. but, if you are traveling right now, on the 30 bypass, you will notice very serious accident. blocking the left-hand lane. traffic squeezing by on the right. on the eastbound side of the 30 bypass, around 32 it, and the delay just continues to glow. now, rush hour in general, right now, still growing. thirteen is your average on 95, out of the northeast, down through to the vine, jammed. eighteen is what you're dealing with on the schuylkill. you have westbound delays, continuing to build, approaching the boulevard, and
7:34 am
then making your way out towards 476. the eastbound side is no picnic either, around the area of curve. and even around the boulevard, and even around the vine st. expressway. traveling on the pa turnpike, westbound delays out of willow grove making your way down the toward mid-county toll plaza not delayed and packed, that entire way, but so slow. that entire way. >> also, traveling in the south coatesville section of chester county, we have very serious fatal accident vehicles at modena road. closing modena road, woodward your best alternate. ukee? >> thank you, lady luck comes through for the struggling taj mahal casino in atlantic city. the doors will not close tomorrow. billionaire investor, providing additional $20 million in finance ago to keep the casino operating while bankruptcy proceedings play out. the announcement came after deal to save the taj fell apart. now it, would have kept the casino open permanently, and restored health and pension benefits to union workers.
7:35 am
>> told us everything good. don't know. >> there is just nobody in there. it is just kind of sad in there. >> by the way, icon plans to take control of the taj if he can get substantial tax breaks. bills that would have helped icon install or stalled, rather, in the new jersey late your, just yesterday. >> well, time for check of other business news now. >> impressive start on wall street. >> very impressive. the dow jones posted its beg he is game in three years yesterday. the dow gained 421-point, extending rally that i began wednesday, when the federal veer of indicated it is a no rush to raise interest rates. the nasdaq finished 104-point higher, so very good day for stocks yesterday. >> if we're getting tax refinds, may not happen next year. what's the storey? >> yes, when we pay, we want to delay.
7:36 am
whether we get refunds we want it right away. the irs says budget cuts, however, may delay your tax refund in 2015, congress cut the agency's budget by $346 million. the irs says it will have fewer agents auditing returns, and that 50% of people calling the agency for help won't be able to get through. >> the one time you're looking for the mail. >> for more money tips and information from money watch. com. head to our website right now, it is 7:36. the panthers visit south philadelphia, we have highlight from the last game from the home last night, for the flyers, before their long road trip, that's coming up in sports. we'll also have that. >> ♪ >> star sends dollars sends off for steven cobair. over the type final report. and our "joy of sharing" campaign underway, family, we
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hope you will help make the difference it the life of the deserving child this holiday season. just drop off a gift, unopened, unwrapped, to our studios, we're here at 15th and hamilton right near broad and spring garden. erika headed down there right now, our crew will be here until 8:00 tonight to take your donations as you listen to the salvation army brass ban. ban. >> ♪ in a race, it's about getting to the finish line. ban. >> ♪ in life, it's how you get there that matters most. like when i found out i had a blood clot in my leg. my doctor said that it could travel to my lungs and become an even bigger problem. so he talked to me about xarelto®. >>xarelto® is the first oral prescription blood thinner proven to treat and help prevent dvt and pe that doesn't require regular blood monitoring or changes to your diet. for a prior dvt i took warfarin, which required routine blood testing and dietary restrictions. not this time. while i was taking xarelto®, i still had to
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>> 76ers tonight host the charlotte hornet. both at the bottom of their division. tip time 7:00. after week of rumors, looks like it is official. cbs sports confirms shortstop jimmy rollins headed to the dodgers. deal held up little bit because of separate trade between los angeles and san diego. part of the dials, will get zacarias moussaui evelyn. twenty year old ended last year with era of 3.80 in the san diego minor league system. >> best of luck, jimmy. flyers get ready to kick off eight game road trip after another tough loss last night to the florida panthers. former flyers scottie upshall got the first goal of the game. fly guys tie it up in the second. with a goal by jake, this one eventually goes to shoot-out. mason scored on twice, comes down to final shot by sean,
7:40 am
but, it stopped. eagles get ready to head southment birds really need it one. at three and 11, wash being look to go play spoiler bill tike, depending on what happens with the cowboys, lost for the eagles could keep them out of the post-season. and, by the way, you don't want to miss this game. catch all of the action tomorrow on sister station cbs-3, beginning with the toyota kick off special at 3:30, then at 4:00 the nfl pre-game show followed by the game at 4:30. and, stick around for bonus coverage for the night game at 8:30, as the charge he is take on the 49ers. and, speaking of action, big come back victory for the jaguires in thursday night football, titans gone the the board first though ending 12-play drive with a touchdown, by leon washington after that all jacksonville, will score three touchdowns to take the lead. lose ninth consecutive game, final score, 21 to 13. on any given sunday, and even thursday night. it can happen. time now 7:40, let's get our
7:41 am
traffic and weather together. >> and we are, looking at our weather tiff crashes once more here, guys. so listen up. now, back on our sister station cbs-3, we talked about the official definition of what makes it a white christmas. and officially, you need an inch of snow on the ground on december 25th for it to qualify, so based on that official definition, what's the last time philadelphia actually had white christmas? was it back in 2002, a, b, 2003, c, 2009 or d, 2012? how good is your memory? >> you know what? >> ukee jumping right in. >> because i de is her of two guests because erika with our "joy of sharing" campaign, downstairs. >> i don't know about getting two guests. >> i know, i just through that in there. sorry but i go with d, 2012. >> 2012. >> you would be wrong. but we did have a trace, .2 of an inch on christmas eve of
7:42 am
that year. >> i was going say that, so i'm glad you went first and got that wrong. i go with a. >> a, wrong. that was when we had 1.1 inches fall, just a trace, left behind on the ground. >> coy get in erika's guess? >> c. >> c for 2009 and you would be correct. >> i give her the point. >> that was a rough winter if you recall. >> so erika gets a give me. she probably loving. >> this next to storm scan. we are looking ahead to a large storm system, my friend. this is not it. in is different system that will just generally track through the carolinas in the next couple of days it, bypasses us, we get quiet weather because of it over the course of the whole weekend. nationwide map though, let's take you all the way out to the packed northwest already seeing some moisture moving on shore. this will eventually become the next large storm. it will become an area of low
7:43 am
pressure, but also joins one another piece of energy, that starts to form over the deep south. you like my chicken scratch there? >> tuesday see warmfront lift in, climbs in on thermometer as a result. wednesday looks like the worse day, heavy rain, gusty wind, if you're flying, especially out west, you need to pay attention to what's going on with the storm because i think travel delays will be imminent out of it. really quickly though, we jump ahead to your three day, promise you quiet weather, low 40's today, tomorrow, sunday, some sun every single day. vittoria? >> thank you so much, katie. good morning, everyone, right now we have rush hour sprinkled all over the delaware valley. if you are traveling on 95, southbound delayed out of the northeast, make your commute down through to the vine street expressway, if you are traveling out of the northeast, try and ride the boulevard for as long as possible, pop on 95, maybe to aramingo. at least as you make your way beyond cottman, you will bypass the construction zone,
7:44 am
just idea, that's what i do. anyway looks like that. and as we continue let's move to the schuylkill expressway, 76, also looking like rush hour, eastbound, here, not too far away from girard. and you will notice that our speed censors from pretty low, not only on 95, but even on the schuylkill expressway. not reflecting full rush hour delay. but definately traveling lower than 42 miles per hour, even around the vine street expressway. thirty-seven is your average travel the blue route, definately have westbound volume on the pa turnpike out every willow grove. also, still, dealing with fatal accident south coatesville, modena at union street closed, best alternate woodward road because right now there is an investigation. as we continue, though, we have a water main break, and a gas main break in montgomery county, not far away from each other. closing easton road at these two points, so, traveling in that area, york road would be your best bet. ukee. >> vet tore crashes thank you. >> ♪ >> very special day here at "eyewitness news", collecting
7:45 am
dows for deserving children as part of the 26 annual "joy of sharing" campaignment salvation army will be here to except new unwrapped toys starting in 15 minutes. actually here right now, downstairs, showing you our campaign. as pat ciarrocchi shows you, the need may be great. but the gratitude is even greater. >> twice that is before christmas and the salvation army "joy of sharing" toy shop is open for business. >> cookie monster, among toys, galor, all going to children, who de is her after little extra christmas. >> last year, 24,000 children found gift, thanks to the salvation army. >> oh, it is going to be wonderful. i'll probably cry, because such good kids. i think they deserve everything. >> amber mace is greatful for the joy of picking out something special for her three young children. is for my seven year old, derricka. this is for my son, he is one. and the board game for the
7:46 am
family to play. >> larry is a volunteer. >> i've actually work and volunteer for family stone for years. they do a lot of great work. they really get down and help grass roots. >> major hess err dixon wears different uniform on this distribution day as brown street salvation army center. but, her mission, to help ease the suffering of mankind, is divinely in place, every day. >> i was just asking god to reign down toys, we help everybody, you can help, in fact, you don't have to bring a whole lot of identification or proof. if you come to us, that means you need us. >> it seems as the need grows, so does the generosity. wanda jones, calls the salvation army a blessing. >> i'm a single mom. try to get as much help as i can, my kids is blessed even the stuff they get, if they give for christmas, they're
7:47 am
blessed. >> times are hard. >> thank you salvation armiment thank you all. >> yes indeed. everybody can make a difference, erika in our parking lot with more on "joy of sharing" campaign, erika? >> ukee, making such a difference already. i want to show you toys folks have brought in. check it out. we have super garage play set, sleeping beauty barbie. remember these, ukee? all right, so many toys coming in. and we want to introduce to you great group of people from wide market. i'll talk to david in with you minute, first, breaking on the salvation brass ensemble respect these fine folks in the commercial breaky know, we'll hear them play in just one minute. first i want to get back to david. guys, if you want to started a g the toils to the pile. we have the great managers joining us. i understand you collected so many toys. how do you that? >> five stores in the delaware valley participate in the event. we each store had drop off. we also had with 98.1 partner, had a spin to win. and we gave away a set of ticket, eagles tickets for
7:48 am
this saturday game. we collected at least, you know, couple hundred toys. so we're excited to be part of it, and what's christmas without toys? >> so true. what do you think it is about the holidays, children, toys? wants everyone want to come together to help out. >> big time of year. it is very important, you know, families, and children, and waking up christmas morning with your toys. so we just want to be a part of. that will so we like to be pact of our community. >> david, thank you. you can add that to the truck, david, thank you so much. let's head over. katie, this is for you, let's go to the salvation army brass ensemble. take it away, guys. >> ♪
7:49 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
7:50 am
>> not too late for to you come by, help make a difference in the life of a child. stop by a store, pickup toy, bring it here to our studios, throw right in the truck. we would love to see you come on by, say hello, and let's make the difference in the life after child. you have until 8:00 tonight. see you here. we'll be right back. okay buddy, what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too.
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> after ten years, craig ferguson ends his run of the late late show. tonight jay leno will be his final guest. tony award winner james will re police ferguson starting march 23rd.
7:53 am
in the interim, guest host will be filling in. >> you watch the late late show, on our sister station, cbs-3. loose need bleed yan cobair hosed comedy central talk show. don champion has the details of his star studded sends off from cobair's next place of business, the ed sullivan theatre in new york city. >> a star send dollars send off, after nine years of satire on comedy central steven cobair, a list help on his final show. lime inch areas like george clinton, george lucas, child charlie roads, even big bird, sang him off the stage with the classic tune we'll meet again. >> ♪ >> it was pitch perfect bar did i of pundants, and it was one he rarely broke, even until the end. >> make a -- i know that this is and emotional night for a
7:54 am
lot of you. so i want to start the show tonight, with something, a little more upbeat, syria. >> last april following david letterman's announced he would be retiring in 2015, cbs moved quickly, hiring cobair, less than two weeks later, to take the rains of the coveted late night slot. >> right now david letterman's name is still on the marquis here at the ed sullivan theater just as it has been since 1993. >> greeted each other on the set late april. >> they could have just usually hired another boob like me but they didn't. they hire a guy. >> they behind a boob like -- >> , no no. enters competitive late night field, but if last night's farewell is any indication, he has pipeline to some notable names. don champion, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> oh, the ends after era.
7:55 am
that's great. >> took me back. >> yes. >> we'll be right back, first, another live look outside our studios where erika just came, from "joy of sharing" gift drop off is underway once again please drop off gift unopened, unwrapped to our studios here at 15th and hamilton, taking your donations all day long. our colleagues will be here, a lot of special guests, it is a wonderful time of year, certainly hope you can help out!
7:56 am
>> good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. we want to get right over to kate which your forecast, definately a day for the gloves. >> absolutely, yes. you know having been outside several times already, yes, take the advice, it is definately a chilly start feels like wintertime, feels like christmas, staying dry despite the cloud cover still out there. we expect to at least see some sunshine here today, but the chill is here, and will stick around here through the course of the weekend essentially carbon copy images the next few days, my friends. partly sunny, seasonable chill tonight. tonight drop down to 29 degrees, still few clouds, and you know you'll see basically the same stormy unfold saturday, sunday, little sun along the way low 40's by monday afternoon at the earliest, rain starts to move in, looks like it hangs on through christmas eve,
7:57 am
vittoria. >> thank you, rudolph will be working little harder. rush hour, delays, 95, so on, so for the, but traveling henderson road at the schuylkill, you will notice disable truck and it is blocking the right hand lane. so traveling in this area, you will get little caught up. sixteen your average on the schuylkill itself, 12 on 95, 26 on 476, and if you are traveling south coatesville, be minds full of this closure. >> our next updates at 8:25, next on cbs this morning, easy ways to get into the christmas spirit. first though here's what's comingng up. a live look at the parking lot outside the s
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> breaking up now, amber alert in new york end in the tragedy. reports just coming into our news room. that a five year old boy, kenneth write write, has been found dead. yesterday afternoon, two men wearing ski masks broke into his home and and double dollars the young boy, found just few hours ago about
8:00 am
10 miles southwest of albany. at the moment, no word on any suspect. good morning, everyone, in other news this morning, instagram post from philadelphia fire department paramedic creates flurry of anger among first responders. >> now he is apologizing and his boss is doing damage control. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us outside the fire administration with details of the story. jan, good morning. >> good morning, what's clear, fire commissioner here believes that this instagram post, crossed the line what's unclear if the paramedic who position philadelphia will be discipline, one there are fink shore again, that post has been taken down now this par medicining apologize r for his actions, he didn't mean to hurt his brothers in blue, but angering many in the philadelphia police department. this picture post today instagram account, shows white man posing as police officer, while two black men point guns at


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